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variable number tandem repeats (VNTM)
different numbers of tandemly repeated oligonucleotide sequences in the alleles of a gene; such polymorphism can be useful in genetic mapping.

Word of the Day Archive

primordial oocyte
an oocyte very early in its development.

factitious diarrhea
diarrhea caused by something the patient is doing to his or her own body, usually surreptitious laxative abuse.

destruction of tissue by heating it until it vaporizes, such as with a laser for therapeutic purposes.

central herniation
descending transtentorial herniation with downward shift of the brainstem and diencephalon, causing Cheyne-Stokes respirations with pinpoint nonreactive pupils.

dermatitis factitia
dermatitis due to self-inflicted trauma, usually produced by mechanical means, burning, or application of chemical irritants or caustics. Called also dermatitis artefacta.

recurrent caries
dental caries beneath the margin of an existing tooth restoration.

mismatch repair
correction of unpaired or mispaired bases in DNA strands, resulting from errors introduced during DNA replication, by excision of defective single-strand segments and synthesis of new ones; the process is directed by mismatch repair genes.


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